News 2010-2012

BiophysicsCongratulations Carter

December 2012

Graduate student Carter Swanson successfully completed his Biophysics Ph.D candidacy exam. Congratulations Carter!



Lab attends the ASCB 2012 Conference

December 2012

Shiv, Rizal, and Mike attend the American Society for Cell Biology 2012 Conference held at San Francisco, California.


MyosinLab attends the ASCB 2012 Conference

December 2012

Postdoctoral Fellow, Rizal Hariadi gives a talk at the Trafficking Club at University of Michigan.




Shiv is awarded American Heart Association National Scientist Development Grant

November 2012



Lab outreach

October 2012

The lab takes the Wolverine Express to Jackson High School!




Lab presents their work on campus

October 2012

Graduate students Carter Swanson and Rabia Malik present their works at the Signal Transduction Club at University of Michigan.





A brief respite from the lab

September 2012

The lab takes a break from the bench and attends the 8th Annual Cell & Developmental Biology Departmental Retreat at the Kellog Biological Station. 



Lab recruits two UROP students

September 2012

College of Engineering students, Arvind Narayan '16 and Patrick Comer '16 join the lab as part of the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) at the University of Michigan. Welcome Arvind and Patrick!





Independent Research Study

July 2012

The lab welcomes a senior undergraduate student Brandon Vargo.






Lab welcomes two new students for the Summer

June 2012

Elizabeth Ridge is a senior high school student at Notre Dame Preparatory School and Barath Udayasuryan is a M.S. student in Department of Biomedical Engineering. Welcome Elizabeth and Barath!




Shiv has an adjunct appointment with Biomedical Engineering

June 2012

You can read more about it in the Department of Biomedical Engineering's newsletter.




The lab is affiliated with the Chemical Biology Doctoral Program

May 2012

You can find out more about the Chemical Biology Doctoral Program by visiting their webpage here.






Lab's Dinner

April 2012

Lab goes out to celebrate Will's graduation, Carter joining, and Mike's Birthday at Savas.







Graduate Student Carter Swanson joins the lab

April 2012

Carter is a graduate student in the Biophysics Program. Welcome Carter!




2011 Summer Update!

July 2011 - August 2011

The lab welcomes three new undergraduate students: Will Wang '12, Kendal Noonan '13 and Terrence Tigney '15. Will joined the lab as part of the Cardiovascular Center Summer Fellowship Program, and we are happy to report, has decided to stay on. Terrence, a freshmen, joined the lab through the University of Michigan Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP). Kendal and Terrence will start working with us in the Fall.

First year graduate student Rabia Malik passed her qualifying exam and is now a PhD candidate. She also received a Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant. Congratulations Rabia!




Shiv Receives the McKay Research Award from the Cardiovascular Center

July 2011

McKay Research Award is conferred anually by the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center.



Shiv's Lab joins Cellular and Molecular Biology Program (CMB)

June 2011

Please visit the CMB webpage to find out more.



Shiv's Lab joins the Biophysics Program

May 2011

Please visit the Biophysics webpage to find out more.



Lab Dinner

April 2011

The lab goes out to celebrate the end of its first semester at UMich.





Congratulations Rizal!

March 2011

Rizal successfully defends his dissertation thesis on "Non-equilibrium Dynamics of DNA Nanotubes".



OrcaWelcome new lab members!

March 2011

Rabia Malik, a first year graduate student in PIBS decides to officially join the lab. The lab also welcomes, Mike Ritt who'll join as a research assistant. 


ann arbor

Shiv Arrives in Ann Arbor

December 2010

Shiv and family take the California Zephyr across country. After spending Christmas in Chicago with family, they move east to Ann Arbor!



Welcome Rizal Hariadi!

November 2010

Rizal Hariadi decides to join Shiv's lab as a postdoctoral researcher. Together, the two start working at Stanford in anticipation of their move to Ann Arbor.



Moving to Ann Arbor!

May 2010

Shiv is excited to officially join the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology at Universty of Michigan. He will arrive in Ann Arbor in January 2011.