Lab Quotes

"On a lighter note..."

  • "Never check sequencing at 7pm on a Friday." ~ Ruth S.
  • "Sort of like getting crabgrass that is ISO certified." ~ Mike R. (on HeLa cells)
  • "For this paper, we did not do any drugs!" ~ Rabia M. (on the GPCR manuscript)
  • "Making it in science is like being popular in high school." ~ Shiv
  • "I think I just talked myself into cloning 10 more constructs." ~ Ruth S.
  • "Have you accepted Steve Jobs as your savior?" ~ Mike R.
  • "This is not that hard." ~ Ashwin (on everything related to Biology)
  • "You just have to put it in there, right?" ~ Ashwin (on transfections)
  • "It shouldn't take that long." ~ Rizal (on proteins)
  • "To facilitate a quick turnaround, I will handle this personally and will NOT send for further review." ~ An Editor
  • "Star it up!" ~ Shiv (on statistics)
  • "Express proteins. Not emotions." ~ Mike R.
  • "She is watching sports. Clearly, she is not in the right state of mind." ~ Mike to Shiv (on Rabia watching FIFA World Cup)
  • "Desks, bench, pipettes, buffers, 4C, cells, borrowed, computers and backups, blood sacrifice, acid/bases, drawer labels, toss junk, last will and testament, and shiv's mugs..." Mike's To-Do List (on the move to UMN)
  • "End of all times, here be dragons and madness." ~ Mike (regarding the lab's last day at UMich)