"Come as trainees, leave as friends..."




Shiv Lab Position

Current Position

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Titu Devamani 2016-2017 Postdoctoral Fellow Postdoctoral Fellow with Benjamin Hackel at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Ruth Sommese 2014-2017 Postdoctoral Fellow Senior Scientist at Pfizer
Carter Swanson 2012-2016 Graduate Student Postdoctoral Fellow with Andrey Shaw at Genetech
Rabia Malik 2011-2016 Graduate Student
Ansley Semack 2013-2016 Scientist M.D./Ph.D. Student at University of Michigan
Rizal Hariadi 2011-2016 Postdoctoral Fellow Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
Barath Udayasuryan  2012-2014 Masters Student

Ph.D. Student at Virginia Tech



Former Undergraduate Researchers




2014-2016 Abhinav Appukutty  Medical Student at University of Michigan
2012-2015 Patrick Comer   
2012-2014 Arvind Narayan   
2012-2013 Mario Cale  
2012-2012 Brandon Vargo Vice-President InVision Group
2011-2012 Will Wang Medical Student at University of Pittsburg
2011-2012 Kendal Noonan Currently works for Toshiba Business Solutions
2011-2011 Terrence Tigney