Publications 45




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Full Text: Link  PDF
Publications 44




Priming GPCR signaling through the synergistic effect of two G proteins 

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Full Text: Link  PDF
Publications 43


The GCaMP-R Family of Genetically Encoded Ratiometric Calcium Indicators 

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Full Text: Link  PDF
Publications 42



The role of regulatory domains in maintaining auto-inhibition in the multi-domain kinase PKCα 

Sommese RF, Ritt M, Swanson CJ, Sivaramakrishnan S. J. Biol. Chem. 2017, Jan 3: doi:10.1074/jbc.M116.768457
Full Text: Link  PDF


Publications 41



Calcium Stimulates Self-Assembly of Protein Kinase C α In Vitro

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Full TextLink   PDF
Publications 40




G Protein-selective GPCR Conformations Measured Using FRET Sensors in a Live Cell Suspension Fluorometer Assay

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Full TextLink   PDF
Publications 38




Patterning protein complexes on DNA nanostructures using a GFP nanobody

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Full TextLink   PDF
Publications 37



Engineering Circular Gliding of Actin Filaments Along Myosin-Patterened DNA Nanotube Rings To Study Long-Term Actin-Myosin Behaviors

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Full TextLink   PDF
Publications 39


Substrate Affinity Differentially Influences Protein Kinase C Regulation and Inhibitor Potency

R. Sommese and S. Sivaramakrishnan. J. Biol. Chem. 2016 Oct; 291(42):21963-21970
Full TextLink   PDF




Structural elements in the Gαs and Gαq C-termini that mediate selective GPCR signaling.

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Full TextLink   PDF



Correlation between Activity and Domain Complementation in Adenylyl Cyclase Demonstrated with a Novel FRET Sensor

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Full TextLink   PDF




Dynamic coupling and allosteric networks in the alpha subunit of heterotrimeric G proteins.

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Full TextLink   PDF





Using Protein Dimers to Maximize the Protein Hybridization Efficiency with Multisite DNA Origami Scaffolds.

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Full TextLink   PDF
Publications 32


Mechanical coordination in motor ensembles revealed using engineered artificial myosin filaments.

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Full TextLink   PDF

PubImages 31



Cellular chirality arising from the self-organization of the actin cytoskeleton.

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Full TextLink   PDF  Cover
Publications 30




The C2 domain and altered ATP-binding loop phosphorylation at Ser359 mediate the redox-dependent increase in Protein Kinase Cδ activity.

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Full TextLink   PDF  
Publications 29




Tuning myosin-driven sorting on cellular actin networks.

R.F. Hariadi, R. Sommese, S. Sivaramakrishnan eLife 2015;4:e05472 DOI: 
Full TextLink   PDF 


Publications 28




A method for multiprotein assembly in cells reveals independent action of kinesins in complex.

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Full TextLink   PDF 
Publications 27



Optofluidic lasers with a single molecular layer of gain.

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Full TextLink   PDF 
publications 26



Natural Killer Cells Eradicate Galectin-1-Deficient Glioma in the Absence of Adaptive Immunity.

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Full TextLink   PDF 
publications 25



Harnessing the unique structural properties of isolated α-helices.

C.J. Swanson and S. Sivaramakrishnan Journal of Biological Chemistry 2014, 12;289(37), 25460-7.
Full TextLink   PDF 
publications 24



Conserved Modular Domains Team Up to Latch-Open Active PKCα.

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Full TextLink   PDF 
Publiications 23




Myosin lever arm directs collective motion on cellular actin network.

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Full TextLink   PDF 


Publications 22




Analyses of conformational states of the transporter associated with antigen processing (TAP) in a native cellular membrane environment.

J. Geng, S. Sivaramakrishnan and M. Raghavan Journal of Biological Chemistry 2013, 288, 37039-47.
Full TextLink   PDF 
Publications 21




Agonist Activated PKCβII Translocation and Modulation of Cardiac Myocyte Contractile Function.

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Full TextLink   PDF 
Publications 20




Detection of G Protein-selective G Protein-coupled Receptor (GPCR) Conformations in Live Cells.

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Full TextLink   PDF 
Publications 19



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Full TextLink   PDF 
Publications 18



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Full TextLink   PDF 


Publications 17




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Full TextLink   PDF 
Publications 16




Dual-beam optical tweezers.

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Full TextPDF 


Publications 15





Systematic control of protein interaction using a modular ER/K α-helix linker.

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Full TextLink    PDF  Commentary 
Publications 14




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Full TextLink   PDF 

2010 and earlier

Publications 13




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Full TextLink   PDF
Publications 12





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Full TextLink   PDF 
Publications 11





Myosin VI: an innovative motor that challenged the swinging lever arm hypothesis.

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Full TextLink   PDF 

Publications 10




Combining single molecule optical trapping and small angle X-ray scattering measurements to compute the persistence length of a protein ER/K alpha-helix.

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Full TextLink   PDF 
Publications 9




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Full TextLink   PDF  In Focus 
Publications 8



Insights into human beta-cardiac myosin function from single molecule and single cell studies.

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Full TextLink   PDF   
Publications 5




Shear stress induced reorganization of the keratin intermediate filament network requires PKC zeta.

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Full TextLink   PDF
Publications 7



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Full TextLink   PDF 
Publications 6



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Full TextLink   PDF 
Publications 4



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Full TextLink  PDF  Commentary 
Publications 3




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Full TextLink  PDF 
Publications 2




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Full TextLink 
Publications 1




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Full Text: PDF