Ruth Sommese

LSRF Post-Doctoral Fellow

Ruth joined the Protein Acrobatics lab in January of 2014 after completing her Ph.D. with Dr. James Spudich at Stanford University. Her research in the lab has focused on dissecting myosin mechanics and kinase signaling regulation using DNA nanotechnology and protein engineering.

Research Interests

Cell signaling and communication is driven through a complex and interconnected network of protein interactions. It is these protein interactions that ultimately dictate diverse physiological functions, from muscle contraction to cell migration. Despite substantial insight into these cellular pathways, there is still a significant gap between our understanding of the individual protein components and their collective behavior during cellular processes. A major focus during my Ph.D. and postdoc has been to understand how proteins coordinate to integrate information and direct cellular responses.

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                 DNA Nanotechnology                                                         Signalling Networks  

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